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2019 Summers: Ties to Ace Your Formal Look this Summer

2019 has shoved down 2018, and we are already saying goodbye to the first quarter of 2019. We are breathing in the air of spring, and summer is peeking from around the corner – all set to shower its sunlight.

For some, it may be the time to search for the dream destinations for summer vacations and jotting down the bucket list. While for others, it may be the beginning of preparations to stay hydrated throughout the scorching summers.

However, fashionistas are different – a way too different breed of all.

While people are busy choosing their vacation destinations, fashionistas are busier in preparing the right outfits for the vacation. And surviving in the sweltering heat of summer is not a big deal for them, but staying chic while fighting the heat is an issue.

You see, things work differently here!

New years and seasons ring the bell of new fashion trends for these fashion freaks. Something that keeps them on the edge of the fashion game with distinct cuts and unique color palettes.

And in this fashion game, men are also not an exception.

Either there is a business meeting, a friend’s wedding, formal dinner or just feeling to look classy – formal wear is the call.

When it is formal wear, a TIE is a MUST. And why not? Who wouldn’t mind looking like Tom Cruise, at least for one day?

Embrace your formal look this summer with the summer tie colors – here is your look:

Pastels are Officially for Summer:

Pastel colors never go out of the fashion hue for the summer attire. And we endorse this idea! Bright and fresh pastel colors with the lighter shades of blue, pink, purple, and green do unprecedented wonders to the eyes. So either you are going to shop a wedding tie for a formal dinner or just feel like buying a tie – go for pastels this summer. Remember that it takes more than just your clothing to make a wedding successful. You can check chapels for weddings in Spring Palm to make sure everything goes perfectly.

Neutrals are Strong in the Game:

Wearing a bit darker toned outfit and pairing it with a neutral tie overall roundups the perfect summer look. Nothing can beat the charisma of a balanced look. And a neutral tie does exactly this for you! So if you saw a beautiful neutral tie on your shopping spree, but left it just because you found it way too light – ah! Just go back and buy it!

Jewel Tones for a Sharp Edge:

Who wants to add some extra glitz and glams when your tie can single-handedly do this for you? Ties with bright colors, strips or some pattern, paired with a suit in light shades exalt your overall appearance. And isn’t this we all want?

Embrace the summers with open arms. This season your fashion aesthetics are not going to fade away in the summer heat. You are all set to flaunt your formal summer look with the perfect summer ties hanging in your closet.

Open the door and say it loud: hey summer, welcome dude! We are ready!

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