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Safety and security tips to store jewellery at home

Once you invest in precious jewels, storing them securely becomes the next big concern. Especially if you do not want to invest in a bank locker, there are several precautions that you must take at home to keep the jewels safe. Even if you are living in the safest neighbourhood possible, it is crucial to take the necessary precautions to protect the jewellery. You can never predict theft- so it is better to stay prepared and take all necessary precautions when you have diamonds and gold stored at home.

Invest in a good locker for your home

There are various lockers available in the market that are designed for your home use. Invest in such a locker if you have several pieces of precious jewels including your women’s emerald wedding rings at home. Do not compromise on the quality of the locker and if possible, choose a locker that has a multi-layer security system. Get such a locker from a reputed brand and do not keep it in plain sight in your house.

Never keep your pieces of jewellery lying around

If you take off jewellery, immediately put it in its case and then inside the locker. Do not keep it lying around in plain sight. If not theft, you may simply misplace and lose the jewellery. Also, keeping them lying around without cleaning will tarnish the colour of the metal from oxidization. You must always clean the jewellery with a microfiber cloth after taking it off. Then put it in the respective box. This prevents tarnishing and reactions caused by the salt in sweat and the air on your jewellery.

Set up a security system in your house

A complete anti-theft security system setup for the house is the perfect way to optimize the overall security of your home. This not only keeps your jewels safe but also enhances the overall security of the house. However, setting up such a system is quite expensive and complex. Get in touch with a professional security service provider who can give you the best advice on setting up the anti-theft alarm, and surveillance cameras.

Avoid bragging about your net-worth

This is more of a personal habit than a step to secure the home. But it can go a long way to preventing theft. Lead a low-profile lifestyle, especially socially to avoid drawing attention. If you go around talking about the total value of all your jewellery, you are simply increasing the chances of theft. Never disclose your net worth and home security measures even to close acquaintances in a public place.

Update locker password frequently

Last but not the least, update the password of the locker frequently to prevent theft. Also, do not write the password and have it lying around. Choose unpredictable password combinations to optimize the security of your jewellery safe. Ensure you lock it every time it has been opened and triple-check if needed.

The last thing you would want is a raid at your house for your precious sapphire engagement rings and other jewellery from your wedding day. By tightening security and maintaining a few habits, you can prevent getting under the radar of thieves in the vicinity. The above-mentioned are a few such things which are effective to improve the overall safety and security of any house.

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