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So, the number of users of the vape is increasing day by day. So, the demand for vape products is also increasing. Thus, the manufacturing companies are constantly trying to make these products more unique and portable. Yocan evolves plus XL vaporizer falls on the list of the best products on the market.

So, Yocan is one the best reliable and affordable brands which also takes care of your wants. They take care of your budget and also understand your requirements. Like many other companies, Yocan also released so many products over many years.

Thus, the products which Yocan released over a few years back are evolved, evolve plus version, and XL vaporizer. So, this plus XL vaporizer is the advanced product of the Yocan, which offers amazing features in it.

The best smoke item for users

So, Yocan always tries to give its best to its users. Thus, their users also appreciate them so much for their work. The reason is that Yocan always uses the best quality of material in their products. They made their product by using expert management.

So, as compared to others the demand for their products is more in the market. Their products are last longer, durable and reliable just because of their best quality material. Also, their price is not too much according to their quality material.

Thus, Yocan plus XL vaporizer has a simple unique design with quick-lock closures and it is very simple and easy to operate. It uses the four quartz rod coils so, that the vape pen heats very steadily. These four quartz rod coils also give you the best flavorful vapors.

The distinctiveness of Evolve Plus XL

So, we will start by making a major comparison of the Plus XL version with its previous versions of Yocan. So, with the point of view of their battery capacities. The evolve original version has a battery booster of about 650mAh.

So, its other versions like its promoted and updated version have a battery capacity of about 1100 mash. Thus, this one of their latest product Yocan evolves plus XL vaporizer has a battery capacity of 1400 mash. Thus, it has more battery capacity so, that you can enjoy your smoking sessions without any disturbance.

Thus, the next big difference between these is their coils. The evolved version of Yocan uses the simple dual quartz coils and its plus version also uses the same dual quartz coils. Thus, their plus XL version uses the quartz quad coil system.

Propose of plus XL Vaporizer

So, with the design point of view. The evolve version and the plus version of Yocan are slightly thinner. Thus, the plus XL version of the Yocan is smarter and unique than others. Also, the next major difference is their dab containers.

Thus, the plus version of the Yocan uses only one single chamber container. The plus XL version of Yocan uses the dual-chambered silicone dab container. And the last one the evolve does not have any dab container in it.

What comes in the Packaging?

The kit of plus XL vaporizer comes with its different components. So, these all components help you in the joyful vaping experience. The components of Yocan evolve plus XL vaporizer is.

  •         Here come first their plus xl vape pen
  •         Then, a dabbing tool of wax
  •         A vape coil replacement
  •         And the last is a USB charger.

Directions to use Yocan evolve plus XL vaporizer

  1.     Before using the vaporizer make sure that the battery of the vaporizer is 100% boosted. So, for charging the wax pen use the USB charger which comes with the kit vaporizer. Let the pen be on charging and wait for 2 hours until the battery is fully charged.
  2.     The next point after charging the pen is to turn the button on. So, for turning on your wax pen, press the power button of your pen five times in a very quick and fast way. Thus, in this way, the pen will turn on.
  3.     So, then the next step is to cover off the mouthpiece and then open the heating chamber. Then by using the dab tool take the dab and place it smoothly near the coils. Thus, after loading the chamber quickly cover its mouthpiece.
  4.     So, your wax pen is ready to use. So, press the power button to create the vapors. Thus, enjoy your vapors with long smooth breaths.
  5.     After completing the vaping session make sure to press the power button of the vape 5 times quickly. Also, there are very few chances of leakage if you always keep the vape pen straight after using it.

How to take care of plus XL vaporizer?

So, it is the latest and unique version of vape pens. Thus, you don’t need to do much more effort for cleaning and maintain this version of Yocan. So, with a little care, you will expand the life span of your vaporizer with its flavorful taste.

So, the only thing to do is to always clean your wax pen after using it on the daily basis. You can clean your wax pen by using the alcohol wipes or by the clean cloth. Also, give the coils cap and the pathway of vapor flow a thorough cleaning.

Thus, you can also rinse off all the components of your Yocan evolve plus XL vaporizer in the warm water by making sure that no alcohol is left behind.

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