Yocan apex mini vaporizer Pro Version

Due to the increasing popularity of vaping, the brands of vaping products are also increasing. So, unlike the others, the Yocan apex mini vaporizer is a more discreet and compact version of Yocan. Thus, this is the latest and smaller version of Yocan.

Thus, this unique version is manufactured by itself a few months ago. This mini vaporizer has few differences as compared to its original versions. So, its small differences include its newly designed atomizer and its portable small battery.

So, excluding these changes, this vaporizer has the same working, design, and durability as its original version have. This mini vaporizer has solid build quality material with a unique design. It also has some unique features which focus on the quality of vapors.

What comes with the kit of Yocan mini vaporizer?

So, the kit of this mini vaporizer includes several parts, which help you in vaping. Thus, every part of the mini vaporizer has its function and is very easy to use and operate. Also, be careful to assemble every part of the vaporizer properly. These parts are

  •         Latest vape pen of mini vaporizer
  •         Dab tool of mini vaporizer
  •         Its dual quartz coils
  •         Charging wire of vaporizer

How to change the voltage setting of the vaporizer

So, this amazing feature is coming with this mini vaporizer. It is an amazing feature that provides the users great ease to maintain the temperature of the vaporizer according to their needs. Always remember to charge the vaporizer before using it.

Thus, the variable temperature setting of vaporizer is its minimum voltage setting is 3.4 volts then it is 3.8 volts and the last one its high voltage setting is at 4.2 volts. This temperature setting allows you to change the temperature of the vaporizer easily and quickly.

Vigorous powered battery  

So, as it is the smaller and compact version of Yocan so, it also needs to use the small battery that fits inside it. The batteries which are used by its previous versions are not small in size.

Thus, the battery power of the Yocan apex mini vaporizer is rated at about 380 mashes which gives you great results. Additionally, the vaporizer heating helps in maintaining the long battery life of the vaporizer.

It also constantly drops the temperature setting, which helps in preserving the battery life of your mini vaporizer. Also, this smaller version allows you to enjoy many benefits. Due to the smaller size vaporizer and smaller battery you can keep it with you every time and anywhere you want.

Perfect intend of mini vaporizer

So, the original versions of Yocan are large as compared to this mini vaporizer. The dimensions of this Yocan apex mini vaporizer are very unique. Thus, this latest version of Yocan has a length of 4.3 inches only. Also, this mini vaporizer is at 0.44 ices in terms of circumference and width.

So, due to the light mass and smaller size you can also carry it in your palm or slide it in your pocket anywhere you want. Thus, when you need to charge your vaporizer you can charge it anywhere you are.

Simply use the charging cable that comes with this mini vaporizer. You can plug the vaporizer cable into the wall outlet. Also, you can plug it in the desktop or laptop ports to charge the vaporizer. So, these all are the amazing advantages and use of a mini vaporizer.

Coil arrangement of mini vaporizer

Thus, the Yocan apex mini vaporizer comes with the new quartz dual coils which are outfitted in it. Also, these are the special coils that are remade to use in the smaller version of Yocan. Now you will see these unique coils instead of those typical coils that were used in the previous versions.

Also, you will get these unique designed coils with a tighter deep chamber. Due to this deeper chamber, you can prepare or load more wax concentrates in this mini vaporizer. It has also a few chances of spilling due to this deeper chamber.

How to load the Yocan mini vaporizer

  1. Thus, before preparing or using the mini vaporizer always keep in mind to fully charge the vaporizer’s battery so; you can make your smoking session great.
  2. So, after completing the battery of the vaporizer press the power button of the vaporizer five times for turning it on.
  3. After this, select the desired concentration, and after preparing it place it on the top by using the dab tool that comes with the kit of mini vaporizer.
  4. Your vaporizer is almost ready to use. So, press and hold the power button to vaporize the concentrates. In this way, you will enjoy your smoking session.
  5. Keep on vaporizing until the extracts in the vaporizers are consumed. Also, if you want to change the temperature setting press the power button three times to select the settings.

How to take care of a mini vaporizer?

So, the Yocan apex mini vaporizer is the compact and smaller version of Yocan which is made with a solid build quality. The parts of this mini vaporizer are very easy to use and maintain. You can increase the lifespan of your vaporizer by taking care of it. Thus, to clean the dust of the vaporizer use a dry towel and alcohol wipes. 

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